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How to Press Ctrl-Alt-Del in a VirtualBox Windows Guest

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Top Bottom. Question My brother his PC kills our internet when he connects to my server. Jul 26, Jul 16, Question How to use Apache v-hosts? Jun 20, Question Cannot join domain on Win 10 Clients, but Mac clients can. May 31, This menu also includes an option for inserting the Host key combination. Use special key combinations with the Host key, normally the right Control key. Oracle VM VirtualBox will then translate these key combinations for the virtual machine:.

Change Host Key in VirtualBox

For some other keyboard combinations such as Alt-Tab to switch between open windows, Oracle VM VirtualBox enables you to configure whether these combinations will affect the host or the guest, if a virtual machine currently has the focus. This is a global setting for all virtual machines and can be found under File , Preferences , Input.

While a virtual machine is running, you can change removable media in the Devices menu of the VM's window. But as the Settings dialog is disabled while the VM is in the Running or Saved state, the Devices menu saves you from having to shut down and restart the VM every time you want to change media. You can resize the virtual machine's window when it is running. In that case, one of the following things will happen:.

If you have scaled mode enabled, then the virtual machine's screen will be scaled to the size of the window. This can be useful if you have many machines running and want to have a look at one of them while it is running in the background.

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Alternatively, it might be useful to enlarge a window if the VM's output screen is very small, for example because you are running an old OS in it. The aspect ratio of the guest screen is preserved when resizing the window. To ignore the aspect ratio, press Shift during the resize operation. See Known Limitations for additional remarks. If you have the Guest Additions installed and they support automatic resizing , the Guest Additions will automatically adjust the screen resolution of the guest OS.

For example, if you are running a Windows guest with a resolution of x pixels and you then resize the VM window to make it pixels wider, the Guest Additions will change the Windows display resolution to x Otherwise, if the window is bigger than the VM's screen, the screen will be centered. If it is smaller, then scroll bars will be added to the machine window. When you click on the Close button of your virtual machine window, at the top right of the window, just like you would close any other window on your system, Oracle VM VirtualBox asks you whether you want to save or power off the VM.

Save the machine state: With this option, Oracle VM VirtualBox freezes the virtual machine by completely saving its state to your local disk. When you start the VM again later, you will find that the VM continues exactly where it was left off. All your programs will still be open, and your computer resumes operation.

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Saving the state of a virtual machine is thus in some ways similar to suspending a laptop computer by closing its lid. Send the shutdown signal. This will send an ACPI shutdown signal to the virtual machine, which has the same effect as if you had pressed the power button on a real computer. Power off the machine: With this option, Oracle VM VirtualBox also stops running the virtual machine, but without saving its state. This is equivalent to pulling the power plug on a real computer without shutting it down properly.

How can hit the F8 key to agree to EULA to install XP

If you start the machine again after powering it off, your OS will have to reboot completely and may begin a lengthy check of its virtual system disks. As a result, this should not normally be done, since it can potentially cause data loss or an inconsistent state of the guest system on disk. In that case, powering off the machine will not disrupt its state, but any changes made since that snapshot was taken will be lost.

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