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Check this tutorial grabbing ultimate ways to solve them all easily.

MacClean is an easy-to-use cleaning tool for all Macs. Download it to speed up your Mac computer easily. The one-on-one video calling Apple app - FaceTime, enables us to make video calls with another FaceTime user over a Wi-Fi connection, sharing our thoughts and feelings with our friends, and also doing business things easily and helpfully.

Most times, FaceTime is relatively straightforward and just works. However, you may still experience problems and discover the error: FaceTime is not working, on Mac, iPhone, iPad. Even though you restart it many times, FaceTime still keeps failing. What an annoying thing. In the following content, we gather several practical ways to help you with the FaceTime not available issue. Read on.

Now check the issue of FaceTime not working on Mac exists or not? If it does then go to next solution.

If you can't make a FaceTime call on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Make sure that both devices your Mac and the other party you want to connect with via FaceTime are connected to the Internet. Check out the phone number or email address being used is the correct one activated for FaceTime. I think we deserve an answer. I can not connect with anyone in my family 5 people because we all have slightly different versions of ios.

Many of us cant upgrade because we dont have enough memory on our devices. I think we will use skype from now on, this is kind of ridiculous…. In iphone 5s both works.

[Solved] FaceTime Not Working on Mac/iPad/iPhone? Fix Now!

They have different Apple ids. Anyone recognize this problem and have a solution? When I log in to face time I push my email and it varifys then it goes back to the FaceTime log in place how do I fix this? What is wrong with Apple? Arrogant people I swear.


Fix this issue. Still our whole family is honestly just going to make the switch and leave apple, byee, go down the drain apple. I will continue using Skype on my Windows laptop and my iPad 2 can just be an expensive e-reader. You can also download the Skype app on your iPad and use Skype from there, works to video chat on an iPhone or iPad and can talk to anyone else with Skype, whether on a Mac or PC.

Error Occurred During Activation for iMessage or FaceTime on Mac: 13 Ways

Every since the ios 8. Anything else I can do. I have the same problem.

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  3. Why Isn't FaceTime Working When I Make Calls??

I called Apple Care and asked how o fix this. They instructed me to upgrade my laptop to OS X Yosemite. Being in a developing country I took me two days to do this upgrade. This morning, all excited, I try Face Time again….. I lost a lot of time for nothing. Not impressed! I am starting to have a bit of a change of heart…. Got iPad mini as a gift. First day facetime worked.

I was prompted to do update, installed 8. Tried all suggested fixes, nothing works.

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Appears many people have had same problem after 8. Give me reliability over features every day! The only people who argue for the opposite are developers.

If you have connection or sound quality issues with FaceTime

This is the last straw for me with Apple. They have the same attitude with iTunes making it very difficult to change devices. My contract is up. I was about to upgrade to 6 but I am out of here. I used to FaceTime my bf every single day then it got stuck on connecting and then after maybe 2 days the FaceTime icon disappeared with that contact.

We tried everything to solve it but nothing helped. FaceTime is not working. Always displays error message.

1: Reboot iOS device

Showed at Apple stores but even they could not help. Apple should consider sending some good technical expert to sort out this problem. Love the comments! Believe me, not even the engineers know whats going on. My mother is in hospice 3, miles away.

FaceTime Fails to Connect, How to Fix It?

Yesterday my sister decided to Face Time with mom and me while she was at hospice. Easy she said. Thanks Apple! Thanks sis! Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Enter your email address below: Posted by: YipYap says: April 29, at 2: Peter says: April 29, at 3: Ken says: May 21, at 9: July 26, at 7: Nathan says: August 9, at 1: Hannah says: September 7, at 7: Imesh says: December 10, at Mae says: September 19, at 3: Lisa says: September 23, at 3: Nico says: October 15, at 8: Chris says: October 19, at 8: Amanda Clarke says: November 20, at Gonny says: December 2, at Mikayla says: December 13, at 2: Julie says: April 2, at 6: